ALL SMILES ☻  1 of 100  [pre-order] - ÅCD
ALL SMILES ☻  1 of 100  [pre-order] - ÅCD
ALL SMILES ☻  1 of 100  [pre-order] - ÅCD

ALL SMILES ☻ 1 of 100 [pre-order]

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ALL SMILES” orignal artwork by Marcos Ledesma

printed in a puffy textured ink that looks and feels…Sensational 😎 

Cotton canvas with a soft plush lining for extra comfort.  

will feature a Gold Metal ÅCD label on the tongue.
& branded insoles on the official production pieces



[production will begin within the next week// please allow about 2 months for production/shipment to you… once items are recieved price will double to the  actual retail price of $100 per pair. So we do recommend reserving yours ahead of time to secure a much cheaper cost. We are offering at a lower cost now just to crowd fund the whole project. ]

thank you! We are excited to get these to you & to have them worn around the world!